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As per the policy of the Technical Evaluation Committee of Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, a separate Quality Control Department headed by Chief Quality Analysts has been set up in Columbia Petrochemicals. This department functions not just as a quality testing system but also as a preventive and proactive mechanism propagating the concept of 'Customer Satisfaction'.

As part of the quality control system, special emphasis is laid on Transparent Systems and Procedures so as to bring about qualitative improvement in the functioning of the company. Due to this approach, we have been accredited with the ISO 9001:2000 certificate. 


We owe our phenomenal growth to our hi-tech infrastructure. Our processing plant is located at the Industrial Area of Raipur in Chattishgarh. This unit houses a process control section, raw material yard, standard laboratory, etc. The plant is endowed with the requisite accessories and state-of-the-art machinery which have enabled us to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellent production volumes.

The workforce comprises of highly qualified engineers and other dedicated employees who share the core values of honesty, integrity and respect for people. Our management has seamlessly balanced short and long term interests and has integrated the economic, environmental and social considerations into the decision-making process. 

Environmental Consideration

The environment policy at Columbia Petrochemicals is guided by the key goals of sustainable protection of resources, minimization of energy consumption and emissions, and optimal use of raw materials and fuels. We have also been implementing several environmentally sensitive technologies in our manufacturing processes. 

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